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My 4c Journey Into Ayurveda
Pre-pooing 4c hair

My 4c Journey Into Ayurveda

I’m not a product junkie.  My hair care routine is simple and my stash holds just a few products that have served my hair well.  However, I’m always open to learning new tools and techniques that can enhance my hair care.  For this reason, I was excited to begin my 4c journey into ayurveda.

Why did I get into Ayurveda?

My journey into ayurveda started a few years ago when some of my staple products became unavailable.  When months turned into years, I took matters into my own hands.  I became self-sufficient by making my own products.

During this time, many naturals were turning to Indian herbs for their hair care.  Ayurveda allows users customize herbs to suit their needs.  As I learned about the benefits and healing properties of ayurvedic herbs, I realized that they could benefit of my hair and scalp.  Ayurveda has since become a welcomed addition in my hair care routine.  

4c curl pattern with ayurveda use


We often associate “natural” with “good” or “healthy”, however some natural substances can be harmful.  Before starting your ayurvedic journey, be sure to research all herbs and plants for potential side effects.

Remember:  Research does not constitute recommendations made by your health care practitioner.  Consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns, or should problems arise.  The information on this website does not replace the care of a physician.  Should you have any concerns about using products on yourself or your child, please consult your medical professional before use.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda means “science of life” and is a holistic healing system developed in India more than 3,000 years ago.  It is a complex system of health care and practiced in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.  The principals of Ayurveda are rooted in achieving balance and include surgical techniques, pediatrics, and toxicology.  Internal and external wellness are often brought about by using plant-based ingredients such as roots, leaves, fruits, bark, and seeds.

Benefits of Ayurveda on 4c Hair

Within the first week of use, the benefits of Ayurveda on my 4c hair were obvious and it has only gotten better with time.  Masks, glosses, and oils have strengthened my 4c hair.  Ayurveda has also improved my hair’s ability to retain moisture.  My elasticity has improved and most notably, my shedding has significantly decreased.

I feel like my 4c journey into ayurveda is just beginning and I wonder why I waited so long to start.

Have you tried ayurveda?

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