Three months of protective styling using African threading
Growth & Retention

Three Months of Protective Styling: What Did I Learn?

After experiencing a hair setback for two years, I became really frustrated about not being able to progress on my hair journey.  For seven years, I worked hard and grew my hair to waist length.  Then it all fell apart.  Not only did I stop retaining, but I also lost inches of length.  For this …

Rye flour shampoo in a bowl and rye flour beside the bowl

Rye Flour Shampoo on Natural Hair

In October, I started a personal protective style challenge with the intention of improving my length retention and the overall health of my hair. One of my strategies for success was to eliminate commercial shampoos from my regimen. Instead I would use naturally derived shampoos to cleanse my protective style each week. For these natural cleansers …