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Who is From A to 4z?
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Who is From A to 4z?

Hi, I’m Janice also known as From A to 4z!  I’m a natural hair enthusiast from Canada and I’m on a quest to grow and maintain long and healthy type 4 hair.

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Though I have been natural for most of my life, I have endured many setbacks due to ignorance — my personal lack of knowledge — about what is required to care for my hair.  In the past I’d suffered with dry hair, breakage, split ends, key hole splits…you name it.  It has taken years, but I’ve finally developed a regimen that works for me.

I’m by no means an expert in hair care.  I have no special training.  I read a lot about the science behind hair care and I learn from the experiences of others (bloggers, YouTubers, forum contributions, friends, and family) in order to maximize my success by not repeating the mistakes of others.

Every head of hair is different.  There are no magical potions that will provide you with long and healthy hair over night.  Healthy hair care requires work, observation, and understanding about your hair’s needs.

It also requires patience.

I hope that From A to 4z will inspire type 4s, and other textured types, to embark on their own natural hair journey and to stay the course if they’re already on one.

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