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“My hair feels damaged and it’s breaking.
I think it’s due to poor maintenance and too much braiding.”
“I have short 4c hair that is growing at the roots,
but I noticed my ends keep breaking off no matter what I do.”
“I want to get my natural texture back and I don’t know
if there’s a way to do that without cutting my hair.”
“I’m at a point where I honestly don’t know
what to do with my hair or what works.”
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My hair used to be dry, full of keyhole splits and split, and was stuck at neck length.  I thought that because of its texture, it couldn’t grow any longer. Then I learned that it wasn’t my hair, it was me. The way that I was caring for my hair wouldn’t allow it to reach its full potential. Modifications to my technique improved the overall health of my 4c hair and it grew to waist length. Now I want to share these techniques with you through my coaching service: 4c Hair Care Made Simple.

Healthy hair care can be simple, but it takes commitment.

4c Hair Care Made Simple is a 1-on-1 natural hair care coaching service and learning resource created for naturals who struggle to take care of their hair. It’s also intended to assist parents of children with afro textured hair feel confident about taking care of their loved one’s natural hair.

4c Hair Care Made Simple is not for those who are looking to buy a product to fix all of their hair issues.  What it will do empower you to make the right decisions to achieve your hair goals.

Choose the Natural Hair Care Coaching Plan That’s Right For You

1-on-1 Natural Hair Coaching Service 30 min
$45 USD
“Grow Your Hair” Coaching Package
Best Value
3 x 30 min
$125 USD