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Two Strand Twists Made Easy
Installing two strand twists on 4c hair has never been easier
Growth & Retention

Two Strand Twists Made Easy

As a long time 4c natural, I love using my own hair to create two strand twists.  I find them fun and easy to do.  The take down is also effortless.  Two strand twists have allowed me to retain a lot of my growth.  They have also been a great way to assess the health of my hair.



Benefits of Two Strand Twists

Two strand twists are my protective style of choice.  I love the versatility that they provide.  I can wear them down when I’m feeling casual or style them in an up-do when I want to be elegant.  They prevent my hair from tangling during washes and allow me easy access my scalp when it needs to be cleansed.  I find that my two strand twists retain a lot of moisture and when I take them down my hair is juicy.  When my ends feel damaged, two strand twists allow me to easily and accurately trim my hair.

Consistently two strand twisting my own hair has been one of the keys to my length retention.



How to Two Strand Twist

There are different methods and variations to twisting.  Each way gives a different finished look, but the principles are the same.

Two strand twisting is a method of binding the hair to keep it stretched and to prevent it from tangling.  Two strand twisting differs from braiding in the number of sections that are used to create the style.  Traditional braids weave three sections of hair into each other much like a basket weave.  With two strand twists, two sections of hair are entwined around each other creating a rope-like affect.

The amount of tension that you use when twisting also allows for variation in style.  Tighter twists rate a sleeker look, while looser twists create more body.


How I Two Strand Twist

I tend to use the Senegalese style twists (also known as rope twists).   Senegalese twists requires you to twist each section on itself, before twisting them around each other.  The result are twists are bound tightly together resulting in a longer lasting hair style.


Do you use two strand twists as a protective style?  Why or why not?



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