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DIY Detangling Mix for 4c Hair
Hand pouring oil into a bowl to create DIY detangling hair mix for 4c hair

DIY Detangling Mix for 4c Hair

Anyone who has had to deal with 4c hair knows that detangling afro textured hair can be time consuming.  Since our natural kinks and coils are so small and delicate, it’s absolutely necessary to take our time in order to minimize breakage.  Even though there are many detangling products on the market, I prefer to make my own.  In just a few simple steps, I can create a DIY detangling mix for 4c hair that allows me to remove shed hairs and knots safely, while protecting my length.

Detangling 4c Hair Gently

Having a solid method for detangling your hair is important.  Finding the right tools and having the right techniques can minimize breakage and increase length retention.

DIY Detangling Mix for 4c Hair

One of the things that I’ve enjoyed about the natural hair journey is learning how to formulate products that address my hair’s needs.  One of these formations is my DIY detangling hair mix for 4c hair, which I create with ingredients that I find around the house.

You can substitute these ingredients with things that you find around your home.


I normally eyeball my detangling mixes and so I’ve listed below, the ingredients from greatest to least in quantity.   You can, however, get a sense of how much of each ingredient my DIY mix by watching part one of my Detangling 4c Natural Hair video.

Conditioner – use your favourite moisturizing rinse out conditioner for the base of this mix.

Kinky Curly Knot Today (KCKT) – this detangling conditioner can also be used as rinse out conditioner.  Included in its ingredients are slippery elm and marshmallow root, both of which are great for creating slip in a product.

Babassu oil – this carrier oil is derived from the Babassu palm, which can be found in the southern regions of Brazil.  I often use this oil in place coconut oil due to its similarities in properties.

Hemp Seed oil – it is believed that this carrier oil stimulates hair growth.  It is believed that this oil strengthens hair, which may as a result, reduce breakage.  This oil is believed to be both moisturizing and nourishing for the hair and scalp.  Don’t be afraid to substitute it with olive oil, macadamia nut oil, or argon oil in this DIY mix.


Apply a generous amount of this mix to dry or damp hair.  Sit under an electric steamer for 20 minutes or for 1 hour without the steamer.  Detangle your hair in sections, then rinse out thoroughly.  Follow up with your usual wash day routine.

What ingredient(s) do you find most helpful to your detangling process?

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