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6 YEARS Length Check Video!
4c natural hair length check - 6 years
Growth & Retention

6 YEARS Length Check Video!

I’m so very excited to have made and posted my very first YouTube video!  It took me over one year and a countless number of hurdles to make it happen, but thanks to the support of friends and family I did it!  I decided to make a length check video to commemorate 6 years of progress growing in my 4c natural hair.

Length Check

When I first went natural, doing length checks filled me with anxiety.  However, they were the most exciting events of my healthy hair journey.  There were some weeks where it felt like I couldn’t take enough progress pictures.  I would scrutinize every possible inch of hair for signs that my progress wasn’t stalled and that I wasn’t experiencing setbacks.  There were other times when no matter how many pictures I took, the progress couldn’t come fast enough.

My progress checks weren’t only about assessing my growth.  I also used them to evaluate the quality of my hair.  As my hair’s ability to retain moisture improved, I noticed that it became more “vibrant”.  My ends were still chewed up and frayed and my was scalp more moist and supple.

I watched as my hair’s behaviours changed, as well.  My wet hair started to coil and clump a bit more and over time instead of my hair growing up towards the sky, my hair would eventually start to drop under its own weight.

As I gained confidence in my methods, I started to take fewer comparative photographs.  Where once, I would take them weekly, I started to slip to monthly, then quarterly reviews.  Now, I take them twice a year to mark special hair anniversaries.

Lessons Learned

After creating this video, I realized that I truly miss celebrating all of the little achievements that I make.  I liked creating the photo collages from one month to the next and congratulating myself for my efforts as I approached different milestones.  I feel as though I’ve taken it for granted that even though my regimen is simple, it has not been easy for me to get here.  I’m sure that if I continued to study my hair through pictures, I would find ways to improve my regimen.

On the approach to year seven, I’m going to make a commitment to myself to take more length and healthy hair check photographs, if only to have full enjoyment of my accomplishments.

Do you take photos of your progress?  If so, how often?

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  1. Hi, I have 4c hair it’s not been a pretty picture. I am still going through the motion. Help!!!! I could definitely use it.

    1. Check out my blog post . Also, I’m adding an exciting update really soon. Feel free to contact me for more information.

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